Dr. Cole Hair Transplant Surgery Training

In addition to the latest technology in hair transplant surgical instruments and supplies, Cole Instruments, Incorporated (“CII”) offers “hands on” training with Dr. John P. Cole.  Dr. Cole has devoted his practice exclusively to hair transplants since 1990 and has been a featured speaker at seminars not only in the United States, but internationally.

CII presents the opportunity for physicians (surgeons and doctors) to receive training directly from Dr. Cole either in the Atlanta, Georgia facility in the United States or in an interactive workshop in the HLC – Hairline Clinic Ankara – Istanbul (Turkey) .

Dr. Cole, world renowned for his surgical expertise In Follicular Extraction Unit (or “FUE”) and other hair transplant surgeries, is also an innovator and inventor. Dr. Coles proprietary “Cole Isolation Technique” (CIT®) boast the most efficient and expeditious extraction with the lowest rate of transection.

The Powered Cole Isolation Device (or “PCID”) is the result of Dr. Cole’s research and offers a powered extractor tailored for FUE procedures. In addition to Dr. Cole’s sharing the latest of his innovative methods and specially developed instruments, Dr. Cole will instruct on design, hairline placement and other effective techniques gained from his years of practice in the field.

The Ankara workshop offers Dr. Cole’s presentation of not only the latest techniques in FUE procedures but also demonstrates use of the CII’s specialized instruments and supplies. Interested doctors are welcome to attend for this unique education opportunity.

The “Total Solutions Kit” from CII includes not only the ability to observe Dr. Cole’s surgeries but participants also receive over $3,000 of products from CII.  Doctors from around the globe have taken advantage of this educational and invaluable offer. Participants are able to observe Dr. Cole in action for a day of scheduled procedures.

CII is please to present these opportunities for the hair transplant practitioner and has received tremendous feedback from attendees. For further information, please contact the clinic at info@automatedrobotichairtransplant.com