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Welcome to Automatedroboticfuehairtransplant, a platform to inform about robotic Hair Transplant machines, automated FUE Hair Transplant Extraction Devices, and in general about modern motorized FUE Extraction Devices (Extractors).  In particular you will be introduced about robotic Hair Transplant and Roboter FUE extraction technique but also about  the new motorized FUE extraction device PCID being manufactured and distributed by Coleinstruments. The PCID Extractor is a brand new medical instrument – machine developed by Dr. John Peter Cole, MD, Atlanta (USA) revolutionizing the extraction process during hair transplants. (read more about Dr. John Peter Cole: https://www.automatedrobotichairtransplant.com/coleinstruments-medical-director-dr-john-cole/).

Hair Restoration has increasingly gained popularity during the recent years due to numerous  celebrities being publicly confessing to have undergone a hair transplant in the past. Hair transplant has become a regular method to achieve aesthetically pleasing outcomes for people longing for more beauty and self-confidence. This has consistently been leading to a rising number of hair transplants worldwide.   Feel free to read a a summary of modern hair transplant.

Robotic FUE Extraction and manual Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Restoration techniques

The most effective and minimally invasive method to restore hair is FUE – the Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant technique. Since this technique allows to individually extract hair follicles (due to the fact that hair grow in groupings of 1 to 4 hair each, named “follicular units”) by the use of FUE punches (small hollow needles) varying from from 0.75 to 1.00 mm in diameter no visible scars will longer be left behind to allow an undetectable result of the hair transplant. Patients opting for the latest-state-of-the-art method FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction are allowed to carry their hair short after hair transplant.


Follicular Units in the picture above. Hair grows in hair bundles from 1 to 4 or 5 hair.


The donor area directly after the extraction.

Coleinstruments Punch

A punch from Cole Instruments in the picture above

In FUE hair transplant grafts can be removed in principle either manual,  motorized or with  robotic fue extraction devices – machines.

Dr. John Cole being one of the first hair surgeons to perform the FUE method has recently developed a new motorized FUE extraction punch (medical tool) to support hair surgeons during the extraction/removal of follicular units (grafts).

Automated FUE Hair Transplant Extraction Devices, Machines and techniques to help the physician fight fatigue

Due to the fact that FUE performed with a manual punch turns out to be very labor intensive and time consuming many hair surgeons will start to get tired lately. The medical industry has started to improve the process of removing hair follicles from the donor area by developing modern medical tools and instruments like automated fue extraction machines (devices) or fue extraction roboter (hair restoration roboter) and automated – robotic extraction techniques to accelerate the harvesting process and achieve a higher yield without harming follicles.

Robotic Hair Transplant: FUE extraction devices – machines and Hair transplant roboter


This is to generally inform about hair transplant roboter and also automated, motorized and robotic hair transplant, the extraction of follicular units with special extraction tools (devices – machines), furthermore about robotic follicular unit extraction devices (tools – machines) all of them representing similiar devices (tools – machines) for the fue hair transplant procedure.

The development and utilization of robotic – automated fue hair transplant extraction tools for the hair transplant procedure has been of substantial matter on workshops and meetings als well as on congresses of the hair restoration business recently. Robotic (hair restoration roboter) and motorized machines have fastened the process of harvesting grafts and supported hair surgeons to consistently achieve higher yields.

Automated fue extraction machine, Artas Roboter, motorized extraction machine from NeoGraft, feller fue extraction device and the dr. harris powered safe fue tool

Among the best known tools for automated fue machines – devices  are the “Artas” Hair Restoration System (Hair Transplant Roboter) featuring  so-called “automated robotic”, or robotic fue machines – devices.  Other brands for motorized tools are the Hair Transplant Device from NeoGraft, the Feller FUE Extraction Device and Dr. Harris Powered Safe FUE Device.

All of these mechanical devices have been on the agenda of several meetings and congresses for hair transplant being discussed explicitly as these machines help every hair surgeon to operate faster.

With hair transplants vigorously rising worldwide hair surgeons will be expected to intensively ask for „robotic hair restoration (hair transplant rooter)“, „automated robotic fue, „motorized extraction FUE hair transplant Devices“, „micromotors“, like Artas, Neo Graft, Dr. Alan Feller, Dr. Harris in the next future.

Our website is to introduce you to the medical tools of Cole Instruments and a new revolutionizing machine being developed by Dr. Cole and Cole Instruments.

Automated and motorized FUE Hair Restoration Extraction Device – Machine from Coleinstruments: The new PCID Extractor


The new PCID Extractor – a automated fue tool – device –  made by Dr. Cole comprehensively reflects the complexities and variability between all patients allowing an unlimited number of settings.

Please read more on https://www.automatedrobotichairtransplant.com/powered-cole-isolation-device-pcid/

FUE Hair Restoration Surgery Training Course for Surgeons, Physicians and doctors

Cole instruments and Dr. John Cole presents the opportunity for physicians (surgeons and doctors) to receive training directly from Dr. Cole either in the Atlanta, Georgia facility in the United States or in an interactive workshop in Ankara, Turkey.  In Ankara – Turkey Dr. John Cole opened together with the Hairlineclinic in Ankara and the Hairforlife Hair Transplant Consultation Center.  The name of the center  is “HTTC – Hair Transplant Training center”.  HTTC has set itself the goal to give surgeons  the opportunity to collect in the hair restoration training course enough practice and to learn as much know-how as possible . Interested doctors can also read more on their website about “The HTTC Hair Restoration Training Course”.

Read further informations about the topic “Hair Restoration Training Courses etc. ” on : https://www.automatedrobotichairtransplant.com/dr-cole-hair-transplant-surgery-training/


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