Robotic Hair transplant, Hair Transplant Roboter and automated Hair Transplant Extraction Machines

With the number of hair regrowth and replacement items available in the marketplace today, one might wonder why anyone would want to go through the expense and pain of having hair surgically transplanted onto their heads. However, the truth of the matter is that hair transplantation is the only way to permanently get your natural hair back.

Other hair replacement products such as hairpieces and hair regrowth preparations all have limitations that cause them to fall short when it comes to providing the same results as hair transplantation. For example, hairpieces often don’t stay in place reliably and many look artificial. Hair regrowth preparations such as Rogaine and other creams have limited ability to stimulate hair follicles to regrow hair and won’t work for all individuals.

Hair transplant is a process that allows individuals who have lost their hair due to hereditary hair loss or illness related problem the ability to restore the head of hair they enjoyed when they were younger. For those who still have adequate donor hair remaining, hair transplantation offers them the opportunity to regrow natural looking hair that behaves just like their original hair did.

Robotic FUE Hair Transplant and Hair Restoration Roboter techniques


Hair Transplant Roboter - automated robotic Hair Transplant

Hair Restoration clinics are numerous. While some are still using the manual FUE hair transplant technique, some have begun to provide quality hair restoration procedures using the latest, most advanced hair transplant techniques including the latest FUE Hair Restoration Roboter to relocate hair from one portion of the patient’s head to another. This device allows surgeons to remove follicles quickly and effectively while reducing the fatigue experienced by hair transplant doctors. In addition, the hair transplant robotor devices are able to remove individual hair follicles in a faster way than manual extraction, minimizing recovery time and discomfort.

Risks of robotic and roboter fue extraction techniques

About the quality and risks of such automated, robotic and devices (hair transplant roboter  technique) has been discussed much in recent years on hair transplant congresses

While some hair surgeons believe still manual extraction is better, others are the opinion that one can extract grafts with the same quality and faster.

However more and more hair transplant clinics and physicians are turning to the use of hair transplant Robotor, or robotic and automated extraction devices – tools in order to reduce fatigue in the surgery suite.

PCID FUE Machine > motorized and automated Extraction Device (Tool)


One of the more popular models is the Cole Instruments PCID Extractor. The PCID motorized and automated FUE Extraction machine is one of the few devices (tools) that can adapt perfectly to the individual situation of the patient. Removes hair follicles expertly this device from donor locations much more efficiently than older, manual methods, and ensures that more donor follicles remain viable for transplantation purposes.

Robotic Hair Transplant and Hair Restoration Roboter technique: The PCID automated and motorized Extraction Machine from Coleinstruments as an alternative

If you are a hair transplant specialist who is looking for a way to Provide Better results to Their clients while addressing surgery room fatigue, Implementing the use of automated robotic FUE hair transplant technique Including the use of a hair transplant Robotor may be the PCID Extractor from Coleinstruments is the answer. Improve your clients’ results while minimizing post-surgical recovery time and complications and implement the use of this system today.

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